The Remedy (Stop The Violence) (prod. Tra Royal)

by AJB4, Tra Royal

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2nd single off AJB4 & Tra Royal's upcoming project titled "Mututal Respect: The New Testament". The goal of this song is to help the continuous problem of violence and gang violence in the local communities of Chattanooga and all across the US.While reminding everyone that Jesus is the remedy to every problem.


Let’s Stop The Violence
Look at the paper tell me what do you see,
Another dead brother that you never will see,
Turn on the news tell me what do you see,
Another young mother has to bury her seed
Let’s stop the violence
(Verse 1)
I’m tired of this nonsense,
Let me drop my 2 cents,
Scratch that penny,
Then I’ll Jet like Kenny,
You faded on the Henny,
Bustin’ the semi
You blame it on the Remy,
That ain’t in me,
I’m blessed with love, power, and a sound mind,
I’ll make it through the hard times,
I don’t need a nine,
You lookin’ for a sign,
But all you need is Jesus,
Please please believe this,
Homie better heed this,
Cuz’ you really need this
Get Jesus
(Verse 2)
Now I’m at school sittin’ next to a dude reppin that BK,
And I ain’t talkin’ Burger King more like Blood killer Lord heal us,
Dude’s down to die for his color mane
Dude don’t really like that other color mane
Not even if he bleeds it
I gotta give him Jesus
And not try to fit in
We messed up like a split in
But we are forgiven
We need to stop sinning
Try to get better
Work it out together
I know the world’s thinkin’ like never
But let me make this clear mane
God can do anything
He walked on that water mane
Invented the water mane
Flipped it into wine mane
And we sayin’ he can’t
(Verse 3)
Blue gang or red gang
I don’t really care mane
But some reason they do
Always bout’ they crew
Crip thang or Piru
Got us scared to drive through
The hood ain’t safe dude
Can’t even walk through
Now tell me what we fighting for
Tell me why we at war
We need to stick together
Like the suede and the leather in my Nike’s
You ain’t gotta like me
I’m just the messenger
Tell me what you stressing for
You caught in the system
But let’s change that
We can’t be victim’s to the crack
Always sippin on that yak (Cognac)
Sayin’ let me hit that
Quit and then relapse
Sayin’ God ain’t comin’ back
I think we better than that


released February 25, 2013
Co-Produced by Rappin P and AstroFli



all rights reserved


AJB4 Chattanooga, Tennessee

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